Here you'll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the South Tyrol Cycle Path. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you don't find an answer to your question here!

When is the best time to travel?

Spring and autumn are the ideal seasons for cycling in South Tyrol. It can get quite hot in the lower-lying valleys in July and August. There are no bike service facilities in winter on the cycle paths.

How do I get or return to the starting point (Sterzing-Vipiteno or Glurns-Glorenza)?

It's possible to transport bikes by train (only on regional trains). There are also some shuttle services offered by private companies, which is a good solution for families and groups. Shuttle services taking the scenic route over the Jaufen Pass may be booked, too.

Can luggage be transported?

Unfortunately, this service is not provided at present.

Can tours be done on rented bikes?

Definitely! Südtirol-Rad (LINK) bike hire network offers the chance to hire a bike at your starting point and drop it off at the end of your route. There are various types of bike available, including e-bikes.

Is the route well signposted?

The route is signposted with its own additional markings.

Can I combine the South Tyrol Cycle Path with other routes?

There are lots of ways of combining the South Tyrol Cycle Path with other routes. Some side valleys are very easily reached by bike, as well as some villages and sights in the vicinity of the route. The tour may be combined with the international cycling routes Via Claudia Augusta and Munich-Venice (LINK) as well as those heading south or north.

Can this route be done with children?

Nearly the whole stretch runs along safe cycle paths, away from motorised vehicles.

Can I book the 'South Tyrol Cycle Path' as a package?

This is not possible at present, meaning that accommodation must be booked separately.

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