Section B2 - From Meran-Merano to Bozen-Bolzano

Past Lana and Schloss Sigmundskron castle, this idyllic section runs to the wonderful Kalterer See lake. After this short stop in sunny Bassa Atesina, the path continues in a relaxed fashion past Laives and Ora, to the capital of Bozen/Bolzano.

Take a deep breath and let the clear, healing air of Meran/Merano enter your lungs. You can feel the spirit of the spa town with every breath. Mediterranean promenades and parks in front of an Alpine backdrop – this contrast is what provides the special something about the popular spa town of Meran/Merano.

A laid-back splashing of streams and a lively, vivacious mix of the German and Italian languages as well as Tyrolean and Italian culture is what sets the wonderful capital of South Tyrol apart from other places. There is no other town where the cohabitation of the Italian and German linguistic groups may be glimpsed as clearly as in Bozen/Bolzano.

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