Section B5 - From Bruneck/Brunico to Sterzing/Vipiteno

Leaving the medieval town of Bruneck/Brunico behind in the final section of option B in order to see and feel the idyllic green countryside of the Pustertal Valley. Past the ruined fortress of Mühlbacher Klause and the mighty Franzensfeste fortress, the route carries on northwards through the Valle Isarco, past Mittewald-Mezzaselva and the marshlands of Sterzinger Moos. There, where according to legend will-o'-the-wisps once hovered through the air, is where the final section of the of the South Tyrol Cycle Path takes place. Finally, the venerable merchant's town of Sterzing/Vipiteno is reached.

Bruneck/Brunico is a lively town with a range of bars and restaurants and the mood there is cheerful and easy-going. The local landmark mountain is Kronplatz, the best-known ski resort in South Tyrol.

The old merchant town of Sterzing/Vipiteno is the most northerly town in South Tyrol and has an impressive Alpine charm. The Zwölferturm tower, stretching up to the sky in the centre of the town, is its landmark monument and is well known further afield, too.

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